Blush Pink Grandiocity 

Hola fashionistas😍 

I’m back again with another very exciting post for you all. I know most of us girls love BLUSH PINK colour a lot and that’s mostly owed to apple who has given us this very iconic colour in the iPhones. 

Blush pink is one such colour that speaks volumes by itself! This one can be styled as per the occasion which is unlike the rest of the colours, some might seem to be too loud on some occasions whereas others might seem to remain dull. But this very colour has power to outgrow our expectations.

In marriages we often love to wear bright colours coz obv we want the attention  and nuder and lighter colours are often discarded from our lists. But this colour has replaced the plethora of other shades and have been seen in various fashion shows and events and have been adorned by super models themselves. 

Talking about my look:—

  • Here I’m seen wearing a blushpink coloured kurti, this one has a front slit right at the centre and is a sleeveless kurti.💋
  • For the bottom, I chose to wear loose palazzo pants that have a lace detailing at the lower bottom. This one has broad elastic to wear around the waist so its easier to hide that lil bulge and also keeps us free from the hassle of tying strings👍🏼
  • To give this look an oomph, I have also adorned a cotton white dupatta to enhance the whole look of it. It has tassel kind of detailing at its ends and also has a self design on the whole of it. This makes my look uber chic and very classy. 
  • To complete the look I decided to wear pearl earrings and matching golden bangles as the accessories. 

You can rock this look by applying a lipstick matching to the garment and some makeup. 


If you guys want me to tell you all how I do my makeup and what products I used then plz leave your comments below.  


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