EthnicWear in the comfort of home ! 

Hello angels💁🏻

First of all I want to thankyou all for the response that you people are bestowing. This love is not only encouraging me but also empowering me to write new posts and share as much knowledge as possible with you guys ! 

This time I thought of trying something different and out-of-the-box .Something that can be worn within the comfort zones of our home by taking care of the hassle free kinda dressing that we want during summers but also can be worn during travelling and other leisure hangouts.

This look right here is one naughty one 😉😉

Here I’m seen wearing a loose salwar in blue colour. This one is a loose patiala, having some silver detailing all over which is neither too loud nor too dull. I bought this piece from biba.

Instead of wearing a traditional kurta I chose to wear my allensolly shirt in red and black checks! This shirt has little ruffles at the front near the buttons, giving it a feminine touch. I have opened the buttons of my sleeves to make it look even more naughtier and cooler 😬😬

I pulled my shirt back and made the collars go flat by opening 3 buttons on the front to make my neck line stand out in the whole look. 

I did so on purpose because the choker which I was wearing could be easily seen. Chokers look amazing with shirts ,when worn in the right combination and style. I bought this one from forever21.

To complete the look I wore my black sneakers to complete the western-cum-Indian look of mine. 

I didn’t iron my patiala to give it an edgy twist. But you can surely iron it up to make it less flary. I think this look has turned out really well😍😍😍

Now, since we also would wanna do some makeup,,,,,oh why not 🤣🤣 but since this is a very cool and hassle free kinda look I thought of doing minimalistic makeup. So I only applied a brown lipstick by lakme and some Kajal by maybelline. That’s it and we’re done👏🏼

You can modify this look as you desire and do as many twists as you can. But make sure the ethnic factor stays and you still cover it up to keep the mystery alive❤️❤️

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