Winged eye without an eyeliner ✌🏼

Hello beauty queens! 

I hope you all are doing great. ❀️ It’s been long that I had been posting about ethnic wear only and so this time I thought of enlightening you all with some makeup hacks and drills that I myself follow , especially when I’m running late ! 

All of us have heard the saying ‘today’s liner on fleek can be tommorow’s smokey eye, if you believe in yourself’ , this had what exactly happened with me ! 😞 last night I had gone to a party and came back late. I was dead tired after dancing the heck out , and so all I wanted to do was sleep when I was back home !!! Having very little time to spend on removing my makeup. (how I cleanse will be my next post) , right after doing the cleaning ritual I headed over to my bed and buzzzz πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I slept ! 

The next morning I woke up! N wooaahhhh…. 😯😯I saw that my eyeliner was not properly removed. But since I had to go out for a brunch I had to buck up and dress up as quickly as possible. πŸ˜“πŸ’ƒπŸ»

So I decided to go on for a smokey eye look.  If I was to do a winged eye, it might have consumed a lot of my time in getting the right wing and also having done it the previous day I didn’t wanted to do it again( yes who wants to repeat eh! 🐀) 

  • Quickly I did my base , for which I used a CC cream and did some contouring in order to define my face!! 
  • After doing that I moved towards the eyes ! Quickly I grabbed my eyeshadow pallatte and with a black eyeshadow I dabbed it on my eye-lids , to all the places where I thought it looked good . πŸ‘€
  • The winged eye can be done by using an angled brush, draw a line on the corner of your eye by using your brush ! You don’t have to be neat because then you also have to fill in with the same tone. And yeah! You have the wing πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
  • Next I used the same eyeshadow to fill in my brows ! Yes ! You wouldn’t believe me but I did that 😬😬 I didn’t wanted an overdone look and also I had to hurry , I just did my eye brows using the same eyeshadow which I used for my eyes! 
  • Last and my absolutely favourite part , lipstick !! Yes, I love putting lipsticks ❀️ . I grabbed a coralish red shade and had it hot on my lips and that’s it my beauties my look was done ! 
  • The outfit that I wore was a white kurti and with white palazzo pants so my red lipstick just had the colour game strong for me ✌🏼

Guys guys ! I didn’t use any highlighter because it was a normal day out ! Who wants to look blingy in this scorching summer heat !! Blaaahhh😀 this is actually the sweat showing on my face which just did the job of the highlighter 😘well in a natural way !!

Ps: I did not chose to mention the brands which I used because I’m not advertising any right now.  Whichever drugstore makeup products you have ,which you believe suits you, go ahead and try this look. It’s very simple and easy to do and looks good on every Indian skin tone !  

Please DM me your pictures when you try this look and ask me questions if you have any doubts.

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