For the eyes that Speak! πŸ‘€

Hey beauties ❀️

It’s Sunday ! We all are either lazying around or have plans for the evening. So before we get up and get going ,Hold on!!!  I have something special for you.🌺 As you now know , every Sunday I do a blog post based on the makeup I like and the tricks I use to achieve that particular look! Well! HelloπŸ’πŸ» I’m a makeup junkie and I own tons of makeup products and I’m neva satisfied πŸ‘ΈπŸ» haha! No woman can Eva be actually , right ?  πŸ˜ƒπŸ’πŸ»

 Let me first tell you all something ! This is the first time ever when I tried the GLITTERY EYE LOOK! always wanted to do it though πŸŽ€πŸ˜… Although I had expected a few difficulties , bcoz this look right here is NO CAKE WALK !! But as it’s said TRY and You will SUCCEEDπŸ˜‡ , I just believed and woaahh.., this is what i got❀️

  • I did my base by using a CC CREAM! Yes and this is the only one product I always use to set my base right. You can use a foundation , a tone darker than your skin tone. The trick here is, blending, all that you need to achieve a flawless base is to blend the product as nicely as possible and doing so until you think it’s good. 
  • Second, I used a CONCEALER, just a very little amount, under my eyes, and near my mouth where I have some darker skin tone. 
  • CONTOURING! When you go out to buy this buddy, always be sure of what kinda contouring would work for you. Not only the tones have to be intelligently chosen but also the base ! It can be a powder based contour  or a cream contour . Mine is a powder based contour kit that has 3 tones and i often mix one or two to achieve a soft look. 
  • Contour the jawline , your cheek bone( the most imp one) and portions of your hairline and you’ll be done. Often people contour their nose, since I didn’t need to so I opt out of doing itπŸ™…πŸ»
  • Now talking about the eyes… glitter colour can be your choice ahh! Obviously but make sure it goes well with your outfit plus it doesn’t look harsh on your skin tone. Often red and orangish tones must be avoided for a party look because they go well mostly during weddings. Since I had to wear a blue dress, I chose to do blue glittery eye look! 
  • First thing first! Set the base for the glitter, this one is a powder glitter so it won’t stick around your eyes just so easily! 
  • Choose a darker cream based eyeshadow to prepare a base for your glitter, this cream eyeshadow will work like a adhesive and help the glitter to stay. I didn’t use any other glue or adhesive frankly! 
  • After doing so, use a small brush to fill the area where you want your glitter to be. 
  • Note here , that a darker colour cream based eyeshadow is a must also because otherwise your glitter colour won’t stand out and it might not look neat. 
  • I also wore some fake eyelashes to give my eyes a little more drama and this made them look a lot more bigger. Although I have great eye-lashes (AMEN) but some things we just can’t resist from doing 😘😘😘😘. I didn’t use any mascara at all. 

  • Since I wanted all the attention to be bestowed towards my eyes, I wore a light coral lip shade on my lips with a similar colour lip pencil.  πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Selfie was a must thoughπŸ‘€β€οΈ

I hope you loved this makeup look. Do let me know your views about it. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog and my IG page.



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