Why rubbing ICE ‘daily’ on your face is a good idea?


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Its been a while when I was all time busy surfing the internet and digging information from all across the globe, with my family always wondering what I was upto 😉 (lol), just to make you all cognizant of what miraculous stuff we all have at home and what tremendous amounts of benefits they can give to us 🙂

In the upcoming series of my 'personal care blogs' I am going to share with you all in the most easiest way possible, some tips and tricks to beat the insane summer HEAT we all are going through and so ladies watch out for some of my personally tried and tested ways of daily  beauty regimes to follow, to help you stay as gorgeous as you are :* :*

Summer Sun is out there loud…and we all are going through one turmoil or the other. While everything can be sorted out, by our super talented brains, but our skin problems always have us worried for long hours. Being a working woman , I used to be the same, always in a hurry and not being able to get due amount of time and attention that my skin was screaming out for :(. Even during college, we as an active person, get so busy that we sometimes tend to overlook some of the very tiny but very prominent skin issues.It was then , my mother suggested me to use ICE as a face exfoliater.

Girls, we all know the market is full of tons of beauty enhancing products . who do claim to actually give us drastic results, like making one fair in its first usage itself! I mean…Like seriously? Who can believe such gigs?? Not we for sure 😛 🙂 .Such products are not only as fake as their packaging but also lead to digging a big hole in our pockets…You know what I mean . Huh! Anyways, Now that you're reading this post, you will, never again, fall for it…wont you? :*

  • ICE is a great natural exfoliater, you can rub it gently in slow and circular motions. It will not only make your face cooler but also open up the pores to let all the dirt sneak out , while also letting you keep the sweat at bay!
  • It can help you get rid of the redness of the skin that comes over due to prolonged exposure to the sun and thus also helps you in getting rid of sunburns and blemishes.
  • Ice can de-tan your skin in the most quickest way possible.
  • It can also help you prevent acne. Mostly the oily skin is much prone to acne, so when you rub ice on your face not only that oil of your face will be cleaned up but your acne will also be treated.
  • And guess what? It helps in makeup !!Before applying makeup take an ice cube and rub it all over the areas where you wish to use your product like a foundation may be, it will help your makeup to stay for longer hours and also wont make your face sweat crazy!
  • Last and certainly not the least, it can calm down the stress of your eyes, help you relax your eyes and make them feeling cleaner and fresher! Image result for benefits of rubbing ice on skin
  • Alternatively, you can also add some ROSEWATER to your water, when you put it in the freezer to make it more beneficial for your skin.
  • Another useful trick can be adding little grated pieces of CUCUMBER, to your water before you allow it to freeze, it will also add up in making your skin softer and fairer.

Now, why use it daily? Nothing can do us all benefits if we just use it once and start believing, that's all what our skin needed. In order to be able to vouch for indisputable results, you have to be consistent in your usage of ICE as a daily habit. Now next time you're back home, instantly grab a cube of ice in a handkerchief and rub it all over your face and see for yourself  remarkable results in your skin. IT WILL GIVE THE MUCH NEEDED SUMMER GLOW and you can thank me later. 😛 😀



XOXO ❤ ❤

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