Story of my Bday’17 🀠

Hi angels! 

As many of you might be knowing June 8th is my birth date. And I was born early in the morning around 6 am back in the ninetees. I was born during hot summers and so I Neva had a chance to celebrate my birthday in schools :(. Being a ninetees kid I always relate myself to so many cooler things that may now be obsolete like Cartoon Network used to be our ultimate animatory destination, and the only cartoons we loved the most were tom and jerry and power puff girls , we loved playing indoor games like ludo & carrom during our summer vacations, Slam-books were the only books in the world that we loved the most and from eating chuski  to going to our buaji’s house used to be our mandatory obligations. Light( electricity) or no light but our summer vacations were enthralled with such moments that we still wish to once have a chance to go back and relive them again … yeah?  πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

The digital world has brought so much change in us that we merely think of doing those things again. Not that we won’t like to but we now have such over the top fun seeking measures that we often overlook them. 

One of them being the most talked about is BLOGGING! This platform has provided me a great way to share my experiences with so many of you that I no more have to write it in my diary any more😍😘

My birthday started off with a mid night celebration and then I slept my ass off to all the kicks and bday bumps that I’d received. 

Next morning, between all the twists and turns in the bed, I was made to kiss and greet so many of my relatives and family members who had come up to wish me, while I was still half asleep.

Then when I gave up, quickly after a bath I read the bible as I always do, I headed on to one of my favourite salons of the city for a hair spa and body massage session! They were much needed given the heck of work I had done the previous week. It was then afternoon.

While I returned home with my hair all flowing and me feeling pampered I was made to eat all the delicacies that my bhabhi-jaan n mum had prepared ( chicken biryani being my fav )

Right after the lunch I had my bday shoot planned and I quickly dressed up and here are the pictures !!πŸ¦‹πŸŒΊ

Thankfully the weather was quite sober so I Neva had to sweat or feel bad ! 
Guys and girls whoever are reading this… BLACK is my fav colour.  Yes and so the reason behind wearing this one on my D Day is quite obvious.

Talking about the look

  • Ikat, is the most talked about fabric these days and this printed fabric looks very soothing besides the heavy block prints that the market is full off ! 
  • This black maxi dress is an ikat masterpiece and I styled it in way it looked no less than an outfit perfect for a summer get together.
  • I wore a thread woven belt around my waist to work as a corset and this gave my outfit a well shape as per my body.
  • The neck line had a very decent tassel detailing with a small collar round the neck that opened sideways and I thus avoided showing off the cleavage. Oops 😜
  • This one was a full sleeves dress, always helped me to keep the sun tan at bay.
  • To complement this look I wore matching black wood earrings (yes , wood) and took a matching hand woven ,thread detailed tote purse.
  • Since it’s summers and we don’t like sweaty feet so I decided to wear strappy sandals in orange colour. Alternately you can also wear sweet bellarinas that would’ve also looked super chic!❀️
  • For my makeup I applied a cool orange tone on my lips and used a blue eyeliner to oomph up the birthday dress up that we all like to adorn 😜😜😜😜
  • My hair was all tied up in a sleek bun and I was very good to go *wink* 

Right after this fun session I headed back home only to meet my friends who were waiting to smash the cake on my face πŸ€•πŸ€• all in all it was an evening full of so much of laughter, drop dead eating and ofcouse a lot of pictures!! 

After that I had to leave to Radissom where I had a dinner plan set with my family members! Obviously I gained a lot of memorable moments to cherish with yet a lot of calories for sure πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

That day before I slept I prayed and thanked Jesus for making me fortunate enough to be able to spend my day with my true loved ones and I didn’t have to be nostalgic of being away from anyone. That’s all my lovely readers ‘the story of my birthday 2017′ ❀️❀️❀️

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