WHY AM I ALWAYS HUNGRY? :D and what I do about it! :)

Hello my angels :*

First thing first!! Who doesn’t like to eat those yummy burgers, the ones topped with extra cheese and sausages?…umm…yummm…And what about something, the world is crazy about?.. Pizza! yess… 😉 I know its not just me who not only likes them but also lives by them. Well, people we all love to hangout and eat out a lot and if given a chance would do so as often as possible. But we obviously cannot! Health issues..yeah? Well, this is the very obvious reason why we refrain from such foods and food habits. Another very prominent effect that I witnessed is that, they don’t really curb our hunger completely. Many a times what happened with me was that, after an hour or so, right after I had some fast food, I used to feel hungry again.

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Well this happened with me a lot of other times as well, And I could never figure out the right reason behind it lest the consequences I was forever hungry. Although I haven’t completely conquered the battle of eating right and not being a forever hungry lad :p but slowly and steadily I am working upon it. Since the past few weeks I was doing some good research , as if it were my M.Tech thesis, O yeasss..like that,,,Initially I was doing it for my own enlightenment but later I realised, I should do a post and also share it with you guys as well. Coz why not? :p

Eating at the right time and the right amount is as important as breathing fresh air to survive. Obviously I am not doing a diet post but I am certainly doing “THE EAT IT RIGHT FOOD” wala post. I hope that’s leggit, clear!

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The internet is full of diet and health related posts where you can know what vitamin a food item contains and what it doesn’t, why you should eat it and why not. As I already told you, eating the right amount of food is beneficial and it can help you in making tremendous changes to your body. You can actually get THAT SHAPE if you EAT RIGHT for it. I am following these steps so lets see what they are.

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  • While I surveyed, I came across a point that said don’t confuse your hunger with your thirst. Well, I know well when I am thirsty and when I am hungry (bhai itna to pata h baki chahe kuch na pata ho 😛 :D) But on a serious note, try to drink lots of water when you think you have rats jumping down the belly ! ;).

  • EXERCISE! yes, it will help you curb your hunger pangs. Its been observed that when we exercise we tend to be more cautious about our diet and eat proper amounts instead of when we simply diet. If you cannot manage to hit the gym early in the morning just like me then try to include some easy self-doable exercises for which you do not require gym equipments, may be like plangs, or squats etc.

  • Eat EGGS.They keep us more fuller and are heavy on stomach that we wont feel hungry anytime soon after we have them.

  • Eat APPLES. Always munch on these when you wish to eat, like may be in the middle of nowhere , when your hunger alarm pops in 🙂

  • Eat NUTS and BERRIES. Now we all know how good they are, once in the mouth and we never have to succumb to our hungry state anymore. 

  • Add more of GINGER to your meals, they stimulate energy and also improve digestion.

  • Avoid milk tea or even sugary coffee instead opt for GREEN TEA and BLACK COFFEE.

  • Who knew chocolates were not just prodigal, but could also serve to be a panacea. BLACK  CHOCOLATE triggers our taste buds to feel less hungry due to the bitter taste and not to mention that the steric acid present in dark chocolate helps slow digestion to help you feel fuller longer.

  • A SOLID BREAKFAST can lower down our struggle and make us feel less hungry. But make sure you intake loads of protein rich foods , fruits and fresh juice and stay clear of oily paranthas for sure.

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This is it! I hope this helps you to stay fit and may you get the best shape that you’ve always desired. Our battle is real and know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE !!

PS: please let me know in the comments below what you think about my post and also give me suggestions on how I can improve. 🙂



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