Eid’17 lookbook ❤️

Hi blog readers !😘

EID is round the corner and I thought of doing a blog post where I could share some of my EID outfit ideas with you all. I did a photoshoot the other day despite being super tired and super occupied I had to coz I had promised myself that I’m gonna do one just for you guys! 

EID is a festival of sweets and sweethearts I believe 🤗😍. While the non-celebrators wait for the ‘sheer’ , the celebrators wait for all the beautiful women to dress up all the more beautifully and set everyone ablaze! 

The 2 looks that I have created are very simple and sophisticated, they represent my way of dressing, which is more of a royal kinda look books..I opted for colours that were high on trend and designs that were intricate but spoke volumes when it came to defining feminine dress ups! 

Talking about the first one- 

  • For the first look I went ahead to dress up in my second fav colour ( first one being black as I told ya in the bday post-read it if you haven’t already 😘) , and the colour is RED! This colour has my heart because anything that is red , I’m always attracted towards it.
  • Let me tell you, I’m a sucker for intricate embroideries, I love suits that are heavily but neatly (obv) embroideried. N since it was red and also embroideried I had to had to buy it. 
  • This suit right here is a sherwani style suit which covers the entire neck area and has loose Chiffon material sleeves, since the entire length is heavily made I love how the sleeves are kept simple, with some detailing only on the ends. 
  • I got pant style bottoms stiched for this suit to accentuate the kurta that called for all the attention !! 
  • Also the dupatta is simple only with a gota put on the ends! 
  • Talking about the makeup, I only applied some good base & concealer with simply done eyeliner with mascara! The classic red lipstick did all justice to my entire look and I love how the pictures came out. 
  • I chose not to wear accessories because it might have looks OTT and I can’t handle overly done dress ups ! 

The second one right here is done with some trendy metal accesories- 

  • The indigo colour is trending the most these days but since those prints might’ve looked dull for a celebration like that of EID  I thought of choosing a suit that had bold royal blue colour with some solid colour combination.
  • This suit looks very Ethnic as it has a cool tone to it beacuse both the colours are very summery and such an outfit can be worn for an entire day.  
  • The kurta has a simple Patti design going on , on the front and an embroideried choli design at the back of it , which is a very different pattern for a choli style! 
  • Since the pants are so in I went up to getting pencil pants stiched for this suit that are only ankle length, just so I could flaunt my heels and also keep sweat away!
  • The corset area also has simple detailing in the whole of the kurta thus helping it look party wear and not monotonous for the sake of it! The sleeves are also nicely embroidered ( yes embroidery 🤑🤑🤑)! 
  • Since the top was simple the dupatta has matching embroidery done over the whole of it with a thick border that could be worn open and added the much needed party look to the entire outfit.
  • I chose to wear big chunky silver metal earrings and also some metal bangles to oomph it up and let it speak the celebration all by itself! 
  • For the makeup I did the base and did my eyes with eyeliner and good amount of mascara! I wore a pink lipshade because pinks are hard to resist! 
  • I wore matching shiny heels and I was sorted ! 

I hope you have liked these looks as much as I did.. do give it a thumbs up if you really do! 

Please don’t forget to comment and tell me about how you liked it and give me your valuable suggestions 

PS:- the pictures are un-edited, my hair is just as natural as they are and my skin needs only little help! Also , I’m not trying to showcase something unreal ! Because , come on who has time for that?? 😂😂
Stay Ethnic Stay Gorgeous” 



10 thoughts on “Eid’17 lookbook ❤️

  1. Commenting late…but would like to tell you that on eid i adopt your this style (the one in red) and it went so astounding for me..👍🏻❤️❤️ Thanks girl😁😁 great going👍🏻


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