Cherry Red Blossom! 

Hey makeup lovers! 💋

Okay now before I would begin with all my abra-ka-dabra ways on how I do my makeup ,how I learnt it and how I achieved this makeup look by using only drugstore makeup products I wanna tell you all something. 😇

I am a self taught makeup person, I can do different styles and bear that confidence to carry every look and I don’t yet have the most talked about makeup products like those by huda or kylie !  But the most important thing and the only thing that matters is that I love doing makeup!  And so I am able to do it !! It’s rightly said you do well in the things you love ❤️ N slowly but surely I’m learning and growing through it 💕  so before you judge me or have any doubts then please ! This ain’t the blog you should be reading 🤑

  • So first and foremost, prep your skin! Always wash your face and also apply a moisturiser before you plan to do any makeup. If you find mosturisers sticky during summers than you can use Aloe Vera gel as an alternative. 
  • Use a foundation that is one tone darker, it’s always said, only because foundations mostly turn out to be a tone lighter when applied than how they look in that bottle ! 
  • Always use either a beauty blender or may be a makeup blending brush to set your base, this not only helps you achieve a flawless base but it also makes one use less amount of product! 
  • If you don’t have one ,fret not ! Because you can always use your fingers to do that for ya! The drill is , put small drops of the product all over your face and blend it in circular motions and you’ll be good. 
  • Use a good quality concealer becoz ! Babyyy! This is the one who’s going to help you earn brownie points !!! A base done only with foundation can make your skin look bloated! Not only so it will make it look as if you’re wearing tons of layers and who wants to let others know that ,even if you are…. you know eh! 😉😉 again use a blender to apply it at areas of your choice, like for me I use it under my eyes , near my lips and nose , and also a bit on the centre of my forehead and it instantly lightens up those areas! 👀
  • I never never use a foundation over my eyes ! Ask me why!! Because our eye movement makes it difficult for the product to settle and often at later point of time, sometimes due to sweat, eye makeup creases due to a layer of foundation underneath so I usually avoid doing that.
  • You can use an eye-shadow primer if you think that your eye shadow doesn’t stay on your eyes for longer durations! 
  • For the eyes, first I used an eyeshadow matching my skin tone , use can use a white colour,to even out all the area then I used a brown eye-shadow on the crease of my eyes to give it a transition! 
  • Next I used my actual colour (cherry) on the areas where I wanted it to be, like over the eyelid (only) , just over the 3/4th of my eyelid. Don’t cover the whole of your eye with just one colour bcoz then the effect won’t come out. 
  • To make the most of eye-shadows, use a darker colour over the corners of the eyes so that the eye looks elongated and nicely blend in all the 3 colours ( brown near the upper crease, cherry on the centre lids, dark- brown on the corners ). 

  • Don’t let these colours reach up till your brow bone! You wud look like a cartoon 😷🤣
  • Also don’t use the cherry colour upto the inner corners of the eyes because then the eyes look smaller and closed!  If you happen to find some colour in the inner corners simply use an eye- shadow of your skin colour or may be compact powder to lighten the area. 
  • Now use an eyeliner to line up the entire eye and draw a wing till the length you want it to be! 
  • Also correct the darkbrown eye shadow at the outer corners of the eyes and make it reach upto your wing so that it looks good.. an eye liner lined way out of your shadow will again make the look bad and so undone !
  • Lastly , I curled up my eye lashes and also  used some good amount of mascara over  both the lash lines.
  • Tight line your upper and power water-line  by using brown Kajal pencil and your eyes are done !! 

  • I contoured my cheeks to give them some definition.
  • Next I applied my gorgeous cherry lip-shade , also used a matching lip liner to give my lips the desired shape by over linning my lips with the same lip liner. 
  • The last and my fav step is using the highlighter! I’ve been loving highlighters lately and I used it over my cheek bones, my nose, my chin and my forehead! 

This you guys is the look! I hope you all like it 💋

Thankyou for supporting me and sending me such lovely msgs on my IG and FB. Your support is all that I need. 

Until then 👄

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6 thoughts on “Cherry Red Blossom! 

  1. All the shades in your makeup is so adequate. 😍Also the methods or steps You catalogue are so easy to use. Parlour like make up at home..💁🏻 Tadaaaa!!
    immensely done👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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