Twirling Tales: One Skirt Two Styles

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren


Hola Fashionistas 🙂
Before we begin, lets take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the success and admiration that we as a family are receiving. Big thanks to all you guys for supporting me. I promise to write posts as productive and utilitarian as possible so that we may  grow and achieve greater heights and share more love together ❤


Ever since our childhood almost each one of us have been wearing skirts and there’s no proof legit whatsoever needed to justify how elegant they are besides being topnotch comfortable. Skirts have been trending a lot these days. Summer’17 seems to have done a fashion revamp for all of us and thanks to all style influencers for keeping this trend alive! *hugs* I got mine in black and white print as you can see and the fabric is cotton! It has good amount of flare as we all like to call it, which also is adding more amount of curves to my body but fret not, skinny aint always sexy! Long skirts not only helps you to look taller but also also help you hide away some extra pounds which might’ve got you worried 😉 They look good on every body type and fit quite well for all age groups! I bought this online from a brand called Sangria.

Look ONE
Keeping in line with the colour tones of the skirt I wore a white crop top that was in net fabric and wore an ethnic jacket over it to showcase a bohemian style. Luckily my jacket has similar colour embroidered design that matched the prodigal skirt and went along with the whole look which I got from a local store.


I accessorised myself with a matching black bold, bead necklace and some silver rings. For the makeup I played around with some old-school trends to add to my boho look of mine this you guys is my final look.



Look TWO
To talk absolute Ethnic next I dressed up in a kurta in yellow colour that perfectly matched with the skirt and this one had flared sleeves. Seems like flares have been ruling the day probably! Haha, on a serious note, I never imagined I am gonna be wearing this kurta with my skirt and to my surprise this actually stood out when I got to see the pictures.



To break the yellow monotony, I wore a red metal-neckpiece and decided to keep it minimal by not wearing any earrings. With pulled back hair at my crown section and easy flowing natural curls , my look came out to be a total surprise to me as well. I hope you like it as much as I did.



Until next time!


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