Embrown Beauty 

Hello beauties 💞

It’s raining makeup these days! Everywhere on my Instagram I see gorgeous women from all across the globe doing makeup using every damn makeup product in the world! Well, all of them look amazing and so I got inspired from one of them! This woman although needs no introduction because she has across a million followers on each of her social media accounts and is an ace YouTuber as well! @kaushalbeauty is the one who I always look upon when ever I have to learn anything and everything about makeup!! Not only does she look gorgeous with makeup on but is a beautiful soul both inside and out!

This time I wanted to do something simple yet elegant. A go-to-makeup look was what was in my mind when I planned this one! BROWNs and NUDEs are our very popular choices when we wish to have a no-makeup makeup look!

So basically it was just this brown lip shade that I wanted to use and the rest had to be done in sync to that 😉 *wink*

  • Quickly I did my base using a basic FOUNDATION and applied the CC CREAM as a concealer! Who does that? You would be wondering but, Hello? I do😀

  • Next I did some CONTOURING to give my face some more shape and highlight my cheek bones. I applied it on the usual areas trying to keep the bronzier effect going on!

  • When I felt the base seemed good, I moved onto doing my EYESHADOW , for which I used two colours, darker brown for the outer corners of my eyelids and a lighter one covering the middle and some part of the inner corners of my eyes!

  •  For the lips I first outlined ’em with a brown lip pencil , the brown being darker than my lip stick colour! Then smoothly filled in my lips with the lip colour.

Some points to keep in mind :

  1. Do not use a very dark brown eye shadow because the goal here is a nude makeup look. You may use even lighter tones than the ones I used but make sure the transition looks perspicuous.
  2. Avoid making your eyeliner bold because it would scream for attention and that’s not our purpose!
  3. I personally don’t like more nuder lipshade coz they make my face look washed out! It would be better that you first choose a nude lip colour matching your skin-tone.
  4. I didn’t use any highlighter because minimalism was my agenda and also the sweat on my face kinda did the job 😜

If you guys aren’t following me on Snapchat then  do follow : @thethnichic and this one’s right from there👻👻👻

Do comment down below and let me know some of your makeup hacks and also how you liked this one!

Until next time 😘😘😘

Bye 💞💞💞


4 thoughts on “Embrown Beauty 

  1. Good afternoon my dear Ethnic chic. You look great in all the pictures but my favourite one is the lateral view of that majestic right super-ciliary area where my imagination can skim the suave surface of your velvety skin. Well, poetry is fine but I get hungry every two hours like you do. Where is my lamb and vegetables Indian recipe? Un baccione. Arrivederci!


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