Foods that help in weight loss

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Hi Loves,

Its been a while since I did a blog post on WELLNESS and PERSONAL CARE. I know the Internet is full of remedies and hacks and DIYs concerning one topic or the other and they can help you in numerous ways besides just being a click away. But, you,my dear reader is my responsibility! Every time your mailbox/reader spans my blog title, I wanna make sure that it is of some benefit to you otherwise whats the whole point of blogging and being there yeah?

Weight loss stays my prime concern all year round. Given the fact I feel hungry every two hours, I am always keeping an eye on foods that may help me stay full , not promote fat and also help in loosing some too! 🙂

I’ve been reading so much in magazines, newspapers etc about such foods that have special names ,we feel great to speak out, and also look dramatically colorful. No matter how tempting they might look on that page in the magazine! BUT HELLO? Where do I find them? OKAY FINE, Avocado, Brocolli, Flaxseeds, Quinoa ,Peanut butter, Virgin olive oil and etc may have innumerable health benefits but I don’t have access to many of these. My sabzi-wala doesnt sell them, fruit-wala never knows WTH an Avocado is? Not even my Departmental store uncle knows what virgin means!  arrrghhh! :/

I am not a resident of a country where we eat burgers in breakfast, salads in lunch, and roast chicken & sushi made in some special kinda oil in dinner. We’re the ones who eat daal-roti, paneer, saag, kadhi and rajma for our lunches and dinners.

These super flashy, over the top, high-end magazines never fail to impress us and though we might cringe for not being able to eat them, but guys guys, its not just you! I did a miny research on FOODS THAT CAN BE ADDED TO ‘MY INDIAN THALI’, which can help us stay fit and healthy besides helping in loosing some pounds too.

  • Recipe no.1- Take a glass full of water and add honey, lemon, pinch of red pepper and some vinegar. Drink this mix sometime before your meal , on empty stomach.
  •   Recipe no.2- A pinch of red pepper, garlic, a spoon full of regular olive oil and  salt all added to 2 spoons of vinegar can prove to be a great fat burner if added to your regular sabzi or daal. (you may skip oil)
  • Recipe no.3- This time make your egg in slightly different way by adding finely chopped raw onion, red/green/yellow bell pepper, garlic, red pepper and salt and microwave for 2 minutes in a bowl. Your power pack no fat egg bowl is ready.
  • Recipe no.4- Take boiled Chick-peas (white chole), one roasted bell pepper, lemon juice, 2-3 garlic cloves, red-pepper flakes, a spoon full of olive oil and salt. Mix it all well and blend it in your blender by adding some amount of water, blend until its pureed and your perfect chutni for your every day meal is ready.
  • Recipe no.5- Try fruit smoothies :* Mix any of your similar taste (either all salty or all sweet) fruits in a blender, add yogurt (dahi, han wahi :p), some milk (skimmed or un-skimmed, your choice), some vanilla/chocolate essence, and blend it all until you get a thick liquid drink.Have it with your breakfast and you find yourself super charged for the day !:D
  • Recipe no.6– Many of you who follow me on instagram already know how much I like pohas. I cook and share some of my hundreds of ways of cooking them very often so make sure you following me there.
  • Recipe no.7- Avoid sugary sweets available in the market and try some jaggery (gudd) next time and all your sugars cravings would vanish instantly.
  • Recipe no.8- Green tea, Black tea, Black coffee do work wonders if taken in limited quantities at regular periods of time. Ditch milky drinks and order these the next time you hit a cafe.

That’s all you guys! I hope these tips will help you in loosing weight like they do to me. You can always alter some of them according to your tastes and availability but try to stick onto them as much as you can and witness  the changes and don’t forget to share your experiences with me 🙂

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Until next time!




13 thoughts on “Foods that help in weight loss

  1. Good morning Healthy Chic and thanks for all these great tips. You might not have the variety of food choices we do in India but you certainly are not poisoned by so much junk food and its load of noxious chemicals either. I will try a few of your recipes as I am trying to lose weight nowadays. A big kiss. Arrivedeeci!

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  2. Why don’t you blog about Indian recipes with vegetables and/or lamb? Talking about beautification tips for girls is fine but they aldo need to learn how to fill their guys’ stomachs to be happy together. That learning works for us men too in our egalitarian times of hungry-every-two-hours girls like you. Another kiss.


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