Ethni-leisure with Ruse-dot-in

Hey Chica 🙋🏻
The weather is taking turns like the Chameleon changes its colours! Every day brings forth a new climate and this becomes a bone to contention, when we have to decide what to wear! Sometimes it's breezy, sometimes the sun shoots up like an angry aunt and sometimes it pours down like it'd planned to ruin our mood!

This every-day every-way hassle is faced by all and so we should not fret about it. Instead we should look for ways in which we can play hooky with the deceptive weather and win over hearts in our conquest of doing so !

LAYERING, is the most talked about trend right now! It's taking a place in every fashionista's wardrobe and bears the power to give jitters to every vogue-addict a run for her money !

Taking on this trend like no one else, I chose to do layering in a very frenzied manner because A. I had to stick to my ethnic fashion niche and B. I had to wear this super comfy crop top tee by Ruse🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻

Okay so lately, I checked out the Instagram account by the name @its_a_ruse and I was amazed to see how this brand puts in every effort to give its customers the dress of their desire! They have customised t-shirts and many other casual & party wear outfits at very affordable prices plus they are very different from the rest of the players in the market 👌🏼😀

Bringing my way of casual ETHNIC+ LEISURE dressing which I called ETHNILEISURE, I decided to wear this basic black crop-top tee with maroon loose palazzo pants and layered it up with a blush pink cotton shrug! The look stood out to be as cool as it looks… and what's even cooler is that this is a front open kurti which I styled like a shrug… 😜😍 and.. its…

#Comfortable, as I'm wearing a tshirt and also loose pants

#fashionable, as I layered it up with an ethnic cotton shrug kurti

I carried along a very matchy-easy-to-carry black and white Checkered pouch which I bought from the same brand. Taking leisure Fashion to another level, this pouch added a bit more statement to my outfit and also could contain all the essentials like my phone and my lipstick etc! 🤗👍🏼

This fashion look is a perfect steal when there's such a crazy weather of the year. The shrug helps to give the warmth we desire when it's breezy outside, plus it also covers up some pounds that we may wanna hide and another plus, it looks so fashionable too! Even when the rain pours down, our shrug can us help in "not-worrying" by preventing the clothes to totally stick around and "not-give" the clumsy look of a rain-drenched body!
You can choose an alternate shrug with full sleeves that can work well to prevent the tan when it's sunny outside!

There are tons of ways in which you can team up this Basic black croptop tee with unique styles like a jeans or skinny pants , or skirt or even palazzo pants like I did 🙂

You can accessorise as much as you can , given the plethora of articles present in the market. I decided not to wear any jewellery except some basics that I always wear.

Redefining Indian Ethnic Wear Fashion like a pro, I hope to have lived by your expectations. Please don't forget to comment down below your thoughts on my look and also share it with your friends.

Also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Roposo, Plixxo and Snapchat with the name 'THETHNICHIC" .

Byeeee ❤️❤️❤️

And don't forget to always




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