Let’s talk pink!

Hi beauties!
Keeping up with my promise of doing atleast a beauty post every week, here I am back again with another blog post:)

Who all love Instagram? Who all among you have been watching all those crazy one minute makeup tutorials? We all , isn't it ?? The Instagram has a cornucopia of makeup tutorial videos which showcase a very exotic and hard to achieve makeup looks !! But I love them all.. and I also love the way they do it very effortlessly!!

Sitting back with my vanity all open in front of me, I wonder what to do to achieve a similar chic pink look, the one I watched last night in one of those videos ? Without much stress given to my brain I stood up and walked up to my mirror , remembering my mother's kind words "if you won't try you wouldn't be able to get it".

One thing that we all should do at this moment is APPRECIATE what those girls are doing! It's not easy trust me πŸ™‚ A big shoutout to each one of them:) πŸ˜‰ yey…You guys rock! πŸ˜‰


  • To allow the intensity of the eyeshadow colours it's imp to do a neutral base for which I used my eyeshadow primer and then dabbed a white eye shadow all over my eyelid.
  • Well I have used 3 different tones of pink over my eyes, all pink, very subtle, nothing too loud( coz it's not Halloween )
  • I used the most darker of the three on the outer corners of the eye-lids.. just to my eyes look bigger and wider as it gives 'em more definition that way.
  • Next I used the medium pink tone at the middle , dabbed the product right at the centre.
  • Last I used the most neutral kinda pink in the inner corners avoiding the most inner part of the eyes ,just a little product being used and voila my transition was done
  • Blending is the key to getting the perfect finished look and so that's what I did to achieve a clear transition of all the three tones
  • I then did the winged eye-liner and used some falsies and mascara.


  • Last Sunday I talked about the only eyebrow pencil I love and use, so I used it for this look too, coz obv, it's mah favourite.
  • Glide it nicely along the length of your brow and please don't over do it coz it shows and looks quite wierd. Brrrrr


  • It's such a sweaty weather here and a lot of product on the face seem to give jitters coz hello? I don't want my makeup to be visible n neither do I want it to ever wash out of the sweat.
  • So I used my moisturiser first as I always do, then used some BB cream n that's it, my base was done.


  • I used a cream contour this time and slightly contoured my nose and my cheek bone with a medium brown shade.


  • Okay so you know by now that doing the lips is my favourite part.
  • Since my eyes were the attention seekers, I only chose to use slight amount of lip colour.
  • I hate nudes, except the brown one I used in my last blog post.

That's all you lovelies😘😘
I hope my posts are of some advantage to you all and that you enjoy reading 'em as much I like writing 'em for you!
PS:- Forgive, if you find some flaws in the makeup. I'm learning it with my full effort and we all tend to make some mistakes, don't we? (hope I'm sounding relatable) 😁😁

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