‘Patiala suit’

Hi ya! 🙋🏻

I asked my Instagram followers for some suggestions on what kinda post they'd like to see and many of them asked me to do a post on 'punjabi style' Indian wear.

For some reason I've always avoided patiala suits only because I thought I would look fatter. Though I've been regulating my diet( hope you've read the diet food post already) and also doing yoga, luckily, I am loosing weight! (The only kinda loss I don't care about 😉) but being skinny is just too mainstream for me and I am not up for that! Somehow I believe the curvier the woman is more flattering her style and beauty becomes!

Well Indian fashion is all about the amalgamation of different styles like those of various states and those of personal likes! Palazzos and pants may come and go but a patiala Salwar would stay on the top of trends every year. Despite my refrain from not wearing patiala salwars I decided to let go off the fear and wear it in a way that would suit me best and so I went ahead on buying a cotton fabric (most apt for the weather we're staying in) in orange colour and matched the ensemble with a popping green Phulkari dupatta.

My look stands out as simple as it sounds and had my fears running errands while I was draped in this beautifully coloured garment when I felt like a flower along the village greens in the shots been taken at a country side. The village feel of the backdrop with all the greens and trees and agriculture machines I totally experienced a mini- punjab at my dad's farmhouse!

  • The orange cotton fabric has floral self-design and the dupatta has brockets of hand woven thread work, which is most popularly called a phulkari art work.

  • I tied my hair into a simple braid with pulled back hair from the crown and neatly set with a hair spray.

  • I wore shinning blue bangles and orange-gold jhumkas as accessories.

  • The punjabi jutti are a street buy and after getting a separate sole affixed they became too comfortable to be worn for an entire day.

I hope you liked the look. Please keep giving suggestions on what looks you'd like to see next!!

All the pictures have been post processed by THE PHOTO TEACHER

Until next time!!

Byeee 😘😘😘


5 thoughts on “‘Patiala suit’

  1. Good morning Lovely chick. You look great in that picture where you haughtily look sideways with those sexy shades. All right. Now. I am still hungry. Where is my lamb and vegetables recipe? Un baccione. Arrivederci!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Dr. Mario! Your lamb-vegetable recipe is one that will increase more pounds instead of helping me loose some. So clearly I cannot mislead my followers by dishing a post for weight gain !
      I hope you’d enjoy the posts I’m putting my efforts into!!


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