Hi! My name is Swarn Sarhaddi. I am a professor and have done my major in Communication Engineering. Yes, I am an Engineer who has now also turned into a blogger. With the resurgence of bloggers, and so many beautiful and meaningful blog posts I also developed a secret desire of becoming one , also because I have a lot of ideas amalgamating in my mind, which I think I should share it with you all so here I am finally with all the quotidian chores that I perform I will now also be doing blogging with sincere commitment and hardwork. Well, talking about the blog, this blog is mainly credited to ETHNIC FASHION, and by ethnic I strictly means Indian dresses, Indian wedding dresses, dresses depicting the cultural heritage of India, and other Indian dressing wearables. This blog is mainly to uplift the Indian fashion through-out the world. Also keeping in line with the fact in which I totally believe, its better to cover up the maximum and keep the mystery alive, which is also the tagline, this space will let you earn that extra attention even while dressing in a simple yet ETHNIC-CHIC-ways. I hope to make my posts as credible and construable as possible and live up to every one’s expectations. Sending huge amount of love.


Stay Ethnic Stay Gorgeous

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